Who we are

We are creators. We are architects of amazing ideas. We are a creative multi-platform advertising partner building incredible brand experiences for our clients.

Making a connection with you at the very start of our conversation is truly important to us, and continuing that personable journey as we embark on the creative process together is essential. When we approach relationships in that way, we can truly understand your individual story and your unique needs which, in the end, results in ideas that’ll make you proud.

Our Mission.

Where ideas rule and people thrive.

Our creative renegades.

Pretty, aren't they? And just as sharp.

Meet our crew, a diverse and talented team of account managers, programmers, writers, designers, producers, and strategists with the chops to knock your socks off. Unless you’re already barefoot, then we’ll just resort to tickling and toe pulling. Maybe even a wet willy if you’re lucky—and willing.

Click around to learn a little more about them. We’ve been told that our creativity tends to rub off on people, so don’t be surprised if you feel a heck of a lot cooler when you’re done.

Anik Goel CEO

Rahul Behl CTO

Manpreet Singh COO

Surbhi SharmaProject Manager

Samiksha Gupta Human Resources Manager

Harman Singh Senior Software Engineer

Karan Saluja Software Engineer

Baneet Sharma Software Engineer

Manpreet Kaur Software Engineer

Avinashi Singh Software Engineer

Amandeep SinghSoftware Engineer

Anjali Sharma Software Engineer

Divya Arora Software Engineer

Sukhjit Singh Software Engineer

Gaurav Chaudhary Junior Engineer

Simrata AroraJunior Engineer

Rashmeen Kaur Junior Engineer

Jaskaran Singh Junior Engineer

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